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Full Stack Observability.

We provide solutions for your issues by putting all the essential information at your fingertips: who, when, which flow, which request, which version, symbolicated - leading you to a swift resolution in just minutes.

Monitor ,debug, and improve your APP’s performance and security

Obsly's observability platform offers a range of features to help development teams monitor, debug, and improve the performance and security of their applications.

Session Monitoring

By tracking user behavior, development teams can gain valuable insights into how their application is being used and quickly identify and resolve .

Event tagging

By setting up alerts and notifications for targeted events, teams can quickly identify and resolve issues that are impacting performance and user experience.

Crash tracing

Crash tracing enables teams to identify and resolve issues that are causing their application to crash, leading to improved application stability and user satisfaction.

Remote configuration

Easily manage their application settings and configurations from a centralized platform, streamlining workflows and improving productivity.


Gather all critical data in one centralized hub, expertly designed to present the most valuable information at a glance for your convenience. This streamlined approach saves time and effort, empowering you to make informed decisions.


Leverage the power of a standard query language to effortlessly access and explore all your data, making data analysis a breeze for users at any skill level.

Extra Data

At times, gaining a deeper understanding of a situation requires additional information, which we refer to as Extra data. This supplementary data can provide valuable insights to help you grasp the full picture of what's occurring.


Our team is dedicated to assisting you, as we begin each day focused on providing you with exceptional support. Your success is our priority, and we're committed to helping you overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

Get full visibility into modern applications.

Trace requests from end to end across distributed systems.
Track app performance with auto-generated service overviews.
Graph and alert on error rates or latency percentiles.
Instrument your code using open source tracing libraries.

See across sessions, user and events.

Each session, time frame, time line, activity, view flows, visual representation of views, in one place all the information of your user behaviour.

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See What developers Are Saying About Obsly!

Robert Lewan
DevOps Engineer

I've been using Obsly for several months now and I'm impressed with the level of detail it provides. The replay session feature has been particularly helpful in troubleshooting issues and optimizing performance. Highly recommend!

Mang Adip
iOS Developer

Obsly Tools have been a game-changer for my development process. The hyper personalization feature has helped me better understand user behavior and create a more engaging user experience. Can't imagine going back to my old platform!

Mang Raja

As a developer, I appreciate the level of customization offered by Obsly Tools. The text and image features are easy to use and have been incredibly helpful in identifying and resolving issues. Overall, a great platform for anyone looking to optimize their development process."

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